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Turlock Scavenger Company has been owned and operated by the Marchant family since 1935. The Company received the first franchise contract from the City of Turlock in 1947. Since that time the franchise has grown to over 14,000 residential customers. The Company also picks up residential waste in portions of Stanislaus county. We pick up industrial and commercial waste in both the City and the County.

Turlock Scavenger Company started a recycling program in the late 1950's. They also built the first transfer station in 1967. They started front loader pickup in 1970. The current transfer station began operations in 1990. In July of 1992 the Company began a three container automated system for the pick up of residential waste within the City of Turlock. Each resident of Turlock received a ninety-five gallon garden refuse container, a sixty-eight gallon recycle container and a thirty-two gallon solid waste container. The Company purchased a fleet of five trucks with hydraulic lifting arms to pick up the containers.

There are now four companies set up to pick-up, sort, recycle and transport commodities. Turlock Scavenger Company picks up waste and recyclable materials. Turlock Sorting Company sorts all commingled commodities into separate items to be sold. Turlock Recycling operates a buyback center to purchase commodities, and a baling operation to bale commodities and trucks to pick up and transport commodities. Turlock Transfer Company loads waste into large trucks and then transports that waste to the Waste to Energy Plant and the landfill operated by Stanislaus County.
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