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Turlock Scavenger Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m renting a house in the County. Can I sign up for service?
A: Stanislaus County Municipal Code stipulates that the property owner must sign up for service. The tenant can only sign up for service if the property is zoned Agricultural.

Q: Do you take a deposit when starting service?
A: City of Turlock customers are billed through the City of Turlock. Stanislaus County Customers will pay one billing cycle as a prepayment. This is not a deposit. We do take a deposit for Drop Box Services.

Q: Do you provide recycling / green waste program?
A: City of Turlock Customers have a three cart system. A Gray Cart for Solid Waste, Green Cart for the Green Waste and Blue Cart for Recycling. Stanislaus County Customers are on a single cart system. We do not provide a blue or green cart for county customers. County customers can request 7 gallon buckets for their recycling within the mandatory service area.

Q: What office locations do you have?
A: Our office is located at 1200 S. Walnut Rd., Turlock, CA 95380

Q: Do you provide Biweekly or Monthly service?
A: City and County Ordinances stipulate that trash must be picked up at a minimum weekly. Drop Box Services are available for on call service but must not contain any putrescible (solid waste that may rot) material.

Q: Someone dumped trash in our alley, will Turlock Scavenger come clean it up?
A: The property owner is responsible for alley clean up behind their property.

Q: What can be done about homeless people going thru the carts, can Turlock Scavenger handle the issue?
A: There is nothing Turlock Scavenger can do about this issue.

Q: What holidays are you closed?
A: Turlock Scavenger is only closed on three Holidays: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Years Day. We operate normal route schedules on all other holidays, however the office may close early on some of the holidays. Please refer to the Holiday Schedule on this web site located here.

Q: What can I put in my Blue Cart?
A: Please refer to the “How to Recycle” brochure in English or in Spanish.

Q: I am a resident in the City of Turlock, on what day is our Street Sweeping Done.
A: Residential Street Sweeping is done on a four week cycle. The street sweep day will be two days after your service day.

Q: What time do my carts need to be out for service?
A: Please have your carts out by 5:00 AM on your collection day.


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