The Story of Turlock Recycling

In 1955 Jesse Marchant founded the small cardboard collection company, Turlock Carton Press. Jesse Marchant and his two employees; Ray Donaldson and Dave Silva collected cardboard throughout the City of Turlock; including the original City of Turlock dump. The cardboard was baled using an old hay baler and shipped to Stockton, California.

Nine years later, Jesse Marchant acquired the remaining shares of Turlock Scavenger Company. Turlock Scavenger Company picks up solid waste refuse within the City of Turlock. Upon this acquisition, The Carton Press was now operating as Turlock Scavenger Company.

With the purchase of Turlock Scavenger Company, the Marchant family business expanded. In 1967, Jesse Marchant purchased property across the street from the current City of Turlock Waste-Water-Treatment-Center on South Walnut Avenue. This allowed more room for processing cardboard that was collected. Within the same year, Turlock Scavenger Company purchased their first down-stroke baler. This baler was used in place of the old hay baler.

Turlock Scavenger Company grew as the City of Turlock population increased. Because of the growth within the City of Turlock, the ability to pickup cardboard bales became a necessity. An old international truck was purchased in 1970. In order to accommodate the bales of cardboard, the van was cut off of the international truck, and was modified into a flat bed. An automatic tail lift was added to allow the cardboard bales to be placed on the truck with greater ease.

The recycling business expanded in September of 1980, when Turlock Scavenger Company was granted a contract to pickup the curbside recyclables. The curbside pickup program was acquired from the organization, Ecology Action. Turlock Scavenger Company picked up the curbside twice a month for the residents of Turlock.

Turlock Scavenger Company became incorporated in 1981. This change also increased the curbside recycling pickup to once-a-week same-day as garbage pickup. This allowed Turlock Scavenger to service the residents of the City of Turlock with steady, high quality service. With the change of the incorporation, Turlock Scavenger Company opened the first Buy-Back Center.

With the Buy-Back Center in place, March of 1986, an HRB baler was purchased. They were now able to process large quantities of recyclables and pickup cardboard bales from customers within the City of Turlock. The ability to process large quantities of recyclables increased Turlock Scavenger Companies diversion of solid waste from the landfill. This was in support of State Assembly Bill AB939, directing cities throughout California to increase their solid waste diversion rate up to 50% by 2001.

Jesse Marchant continued to operate the company until the time of his passing in 1987. It was at this time his sons took over the Company. Alan became President, Greg became Vice-President, and Lee became Secretary/ Treasurer.

In July of 1992 after Turlock Scavenger Company started the new three-can-automated pickup service, Turlock Recycling Company was born.

Turlock Recycling operates a Buy-Back Center opened six days a week. Turlock Recycling accepts recyclable commodities to include, but not limited to: aluminum cans, scrap aluminum containers, Non-Ferrous Metals, glass and plastic bottles, newspaper, magazines, cardboard, etc. Turlock Recycling weighs, separates, processes and ships out all recyclable commodities received. Product can be shipped throughout the State of California or as far as Hong Kong varying by product.

Today, with over fifteen employees and the support of Turlock Scavenger Company, Turlock Transfer and Turlock Sort; Turlock Recycling continues Jesse Marchants legacy of dedication to customer service and an impeccable quality standard that he instilled from the beginning.