Turlock Recycling

Turlock Recycling provides education and outreach both in the classroom and at our Walnut Road facility.  We provide insight on exactly what happens to your trash from bin to renewable energy, compost, or landfill. 

In the classroom, we educate students on the importance of recycling and conservation and how it directly affects their environment. Our tours include a full introduction of both of our facilities. Our Buyback facility deals with California’s Cash Refund Value program (CRV). Here we will show you our state’s efforts in recycling, and where your items go should you choose to recycle them.  Our Transfer station is the last stop your trash will visit before it is hauled away to a variety of locations.

While touring, groups will learn how various items are not just “thrown away,” once they are placed into the trash can, but actually broken down to ensure reuse of each component into something different. Each piece of refuse will either be made into an entirely new product, used for energy, or used in the landfill. Book a tour with us and come find out how one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

Recycling Education for schools

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