Turlock Scavenger

Turlock Scavenger provides residential solid waste, recycling and green waste services depending on service area.

City of Turlock

Standard Service is one 32 Gallon Solid Waste Cart, one Recycle, and one Green Waste Cart. You may, for an additional fee, upgrade to a 64 or 96 Gallon Solid Waste Cart.  


95 Gallon Garden Waste68 Gallon Recycle32 Gallon Refuse

Stanislaus County

Standard Service is one 96 Gallon Solid Waste Cart. There is no limit to the number of carts you can order at additional charge. 64 Gallon carts are available to those who qualify through the county for reduced service. Curbside recycling is provided in the county mandatory service areas.

96 Gallon Refuse
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