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As with other composts, NUTRILOCK should be used gradually with several light applications rather than one large application.

Likewise just as with other composts, over application or misuse may result in damage to your lawn and or plants. Consequently, the City of Turlock cannot be held responsible for any damages incurred. Always remember to wash your hands after applying NUTRILOCK or any compost material.

For new lawn areas a 1/2 to 1 inch layer of NUTRILOCK should be spread evenly over the area to be seeded and tilled between 2 inches and 6 inches deep into the soil. Apply grass seed as instructed by the manufacturer. NUTRILOCK retains water very well so be careful not to over water.

Existing lawn areas can be rejuvenated with NUTRILOCK as well. Prior to application be sure to mow your lawn very low. Evenly spread a 1/4 inch or less of NUTRILOCK and use a rake to distribute evenly. Remember, NUTRILOCK helps retain water. Don't be surprised if you use less water than before. Applying NUTRILOCK to your lawn once in the spring and once in the fall should be all you need for a healthy and attractive lawn.

Grow your best and most colorful flowers and plants ever with the addition of NUTRILOCK when you plant.

Both annual and perennial flowering plants will show the long lasting benefits caused by the slow release of nutrients provided by NUTRILOCK.

Usually a 1/2 inch layer cultivated into your flowerbed will be sufficient to enrich your flowerbed for a whole year. Using the same application will also enhance spring blooming bulbs and plants. Any season the soil can be worked is the right time to add NUTRILOCK.

Picking up your own NUTRILOCK is convenient! Here's how...

*Where*: Turlock Transfer Station, 1100 S. Walnut Rd. Call 668-6049

*When*:Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 5 PM Saturday, 8 AM -12 PM
(No appointment necessary)

*Cost*: Free-of-charge

*What Else*: Stop at the scale house to sign in and weigh both in and out. Prepare to help yourself as NUTRILOCK pick up is self serve.

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